Please note that the names of the beneficiaries are not their real names, so as to protect their identities.


“ I learnt so many things here, like cooking, reading, learning maths and many things…I also learned that I must not shout at my mother..”
 – Ranee, 13 years old who attends special school

“The Centre has helped me to learn Self-discipline and confidence.”
 – Tracy, 11 years old

“I have learnt to respect others and be responsible for myself. My schoolwork has improved!” 
 – Venus, 11 years old

“I am now more prepared and more confident to face new challenges and experiences.”
 – Ronald, 11 years old

 “Galilee Centre is a beautiful place where I treasure. This is a place that I have grown up in since the age of 2.5 years old. I am always very happy to come to the Centre to learn and have fun. The teachers are very kind and caring to me. I cherish every moment I spend in the Centre.”
 – Angel, 9 years old

“I feel that the teachers are caring and helpful. The activities organized here are also fun and interesting. I have made a lot of friends here. I feel a sense of belonging in Galilee Centre.’ 
 – Lucas, 11 years old

“I am very thankful to Galilee Centre as the staff have helped me and my family a lot, especially in my children’s studies. I have seen progress in my children particularly in their reading skills. I am very happy and satisfied with Galilee Centre. In Galilee, my children learnt a lot of things such as respect, table manners, character development and others. My children are very happy and excited when Galilee Centre organized outing for them. Thank you so much, Galilee Centre, especially to Theresa, Sandy and Doris.”
 – Ruby, a parent, whose 3 children attend Galilee Centre.