IJ Joy Packs

Back in the old days of kampung (village) living, residents comprising of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds were a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone.  Celebrations of religious festivals, marriages, or even a new-born, were often seen with the partaking of food in the neighbourhood among families and friends. The kampung spirit, known as neighbourly spirit, permeates the community from humble beginnings with the sharing of what one has with one’s neighbour, especially with the poor in our midst.

Inspired by this kampung spirit, IJHCC seeks to spread the love, kindness, and joy, through the distribution of essentials in the neighbourhood of families in need.

Known as the “IJ Joy Pack”, it contains groceries and dry goods that have been generously donated and lovingly pack. These IJ Joy Packs are distributed in the neighbourhood as an effort to provide some food and daily necessities to families on financial assistance that need a helping hand.

The IJ Joy Pack represents our on-going efforts of inculcating “IJ Values-In-Action” where the children, under our care, undertake the task to share with those in need through the distribution of IJ Joy Packs to needy families in the neighbourhood.

If you would like to know more about how to donate, or if you know of a family in need of assistance residing in our vicinity, please contact us at the following for our follow up with them. We thank you for your contributions and we hope you can help us to spread the kampung spirit in the community.

Tel: (65) 6459 4801

Email: ijvillage@ijhcc.org