Management Committee     


Chairperson:                   Ms Tan Lay Hoon,CFA

Honorary Secretary:       Ms Cheryl Nguyen

Honorary Treasurer:      Ms Pang Kai Lee

Members:                        Mr Dennis Lui

                                          Ms Eunice Boey

                                          Mr Francis Yip

                                          Dr Ivy Chew

                                          Sr Jocelyn Kang Sai Kim

                                         Ms Pauline Chan 


Ms Tan Lay Hoon, CFA spent more than 20 years as an investment banker having worked in domestic and global banks in various areas of advisory and fund raising activities in equities, fixed income, securitization and structured products. She is a IJ alumna, serves on the Board of Credit Counselling Singapore and CFA Society Singapore.


Honorary Secretary

Ms Cheryl Nguyen is a compliance professional in a global agricultural commodities firm and focuses on ethical business practices, conflicts of interests and managing the anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and sanctions risks. Her previous experience as an external auditor in KPMG contributes to her specialization in internal control framework and governance. She is an IJ alumna and a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants.


Honorary Treasurer

Ms Pang Kai Lee has worked as an investment banker in Hong Kong and Singapore for over 20 years, leading teams in advising and financing large scale infrastructure, construction, development and acquisition projects. She is a qualified accountant and completed her postgraduate studies at Imperial College, London under the Raffles Scholarship. Kai Lee has a heart for children and has been involved in mission work both locally and overseas. She is an IJ alumna and also a mother of three daughters who are in CHIJ schools.



Mr Dennis Lui is a corporate lawyer in private legal practice. He is a director with Infinitus Law Corporation. Part of his professional work also involves advising charitable organisations on regulatory and compliance issues. He also has a close affinity with the IJ organisations, being a member of the Legal Advisory Committee of the Infant Jesus Board of Management, whilst both his daughters are students with the CHIJ schools.

Ms Eunice Boey is a consultant in the financial services industry providing regulatory and compliance advisory, and risk management consultancy services to financial institutions. She has spent more than 20 years in the financial services industry working with and in global financial institutions focusing on compliance, regulatory, risk management and corporate governance matters. Eunice is a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Mr Francis Yip spent the major part of his working career in Hong Kong as a Senior Project Manager in the building industry and returned to Singapore in 2005 after his retirement. He oversaw the extensive A and A works at the former Infant Jesus Home in Ang Mo Kio, which is now IJ Village, a home for the elderly and a children’s centre. As Chairman of the Management Committee (2013-2020), he actively pursued options for the continuing function of IJHCC to meet the needs of the changing social landscape in Singapore.

Dr Ivy Chew a consultant histopathologist at Quest Laboratories. She has an interest in gynaecologic pathology and is a member of the International Society for Gynaecological Pathologists. She is an advocate for women’s health and has a soft spot for children and the elderly. An alumna of CHIJ, she is a mother to three children and is a member of Milk and Diapers Programme (Society of St Vincent de Paul).

Sr Jocelyn Kang Sai Kim is an Infant Jesus Sister and an Infant Jesus Provincial Councilor.

Ms Pauline Chan is the Director of JL Investments Pte Ltd, and was a lecturer for Business Development at the Polytechnic and General Manager of Technology Enterprise (UK). She is a mother of 4 children and currently sits on committees for various charitable organizations.




Audit Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Ms Cheryl Nguyen

Members:      Mr Leong Siew Loong
                        Mr Johnny Quah


Programmes & Services Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Ms Eunice Boey

Members:      Ms Pauline Chan
                        Dr Ivy Chew
                        Ms Jacqueline Chan


Fund Raising Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Ms Pauline Chan

Members:      Mr Dennis Lui
                        Ms Schutz Lee
                        Dr Evelyn Louis


Human Resources Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Mr Francis Yip

Members:      Ms Tan Lay Hoon
                        Ms Jacinta Low