Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama Lessons

Speech and Drama Lessons

Speech and Drama Lessons

Speech and drama lessons have been known to benefit children of all ages by equipping them with invaluable skills that will see them through life’s ups and downs… and everything in between!

From building self-confidence and improving communication skills, speech and drama lessons have also been shown to help children to think critically, develop empathy, and spur creativity.

What We Do

As part of IJHCC’s efforts to support the balanced growth of children and enrich their learning journey, speech and drama classes are now conducted weekly in both English and Mandarin  at IJ Village.

Based on the approach of fun, engaging, and an interactive curriculum, it is aim to prepare students for Trinity College London’s Speech and Drama and Communication Skills examinations.  Children participating in IJHCC’s Speech and Drama Programme will gain awareness, confidence, and mastery of their bodies, voice, and space through dramatic play.

Some of the components that will be covered in the Programme include:

  • Speech and voice work (aids in sight reading and pronunciation)
  • Breathing and posture (helps improve public speaking)
  • Communication skills (supports critical thinking, written, and verbal proficiencies)
  • Stage discipline and character building (teaches collaboration and the intrinsic value of producing high quality work)

What: English OR Mandarin Speech and Drama Programme
Who: For Primary school students
Where: IJ Village (503 Ang Mo Kio Street 13)
When: Every Saturday, 10am – noon
Course Duration: 1 term (10 sessions)
Fee: S$580/ term

Financial assistance is available for those in need.

For more information on the programme and registration, please contact us at the following.


Tel: (65) 6459 4801

Email: ijvillage@ijhcc.org