Urgent Needs

  • Milo Packet Drink (125ml)
  • Milo Chocolate Malt Drink Powder (No Sachet)
  • Marigold UHT Packet Milk Drink (200ml)
  • Munchy’s Biscuits (Individually Packed)
  • Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks (Individually Packed)

Grocery Needs

Kindly donate groceries with minimum 6 months shelf life.

 None at the moment


Other Needs

  • Sharpie Markers (Multi-Coloured)
  • Sleeping Bags (x15)
  • Sports Equipment (Basketball x6, Portable Badminton Net x2, Badminton Racket x10, Badminton Shuttlecocks x10 Tubes, Netball x2, Hula Hoop x10, Table Tennis Paddle x4, Ping Pong Balls x2 Bags, Footballs x4, Airpump x1, Skipping Ropes x5)

More Information

All DIK items will be accepted at the discretion of IJHCC. Once accepted, the DIK items become the property of IJHCC. We retain the right to use, distribute to our beneficiaries or transfer to an external party as we see fit, unless specific arrangement has been made with the donor. For perishable items, we will not be able to accept items that have a shelf life of less than six months.

If you would like to fulfill any of the items on the list, or have queries about in-kind donations of items outside our wish list, please email us at donations@ijhcc.org or call 6459 4801.

Please note that ALL donated items MUST be delivered to :-

Address : 503 Ang Mo Kio Street 13, Singapore 569406
Time : Mondays – Fridays 9am – 5pm